Power and Beauty

neobhodimyj-komplektNutrition affects both the health and human health, and on his appearance. And the shape and the hair and skin. With proper nutrition , human aging is slowed down, health is improving , if not correct – the aging faster.

There are data that can be interpreted as follows: – meals in childhood and in adolescence , affects health later in life . As well as catering mother when she was pregnant, affects the health of her child.

Once upon a time , people thought that to eat well , it means there is a lot of meat. It was believed that the more you eat meat, sugary foods and fatty foods , the better for your health. So often ate before ” Upper class ” population, and the food is symbolized ” prosperity .” But today, thanks to the scientific study of nutrition , metabolism, and many others , the opinion of such a “good” diet changed.

necessary set of nutritional

A proper diet should provide the body with all the necessary components to it . This is primarily proteins , mineral salts , and water quality . This is the basis by which built and operates the entire body. After this base body needs fats and carbohydrates as energy sources and other components, such as vitamins.

Animal proteins include ” set the desired ” to ensure that , due to plant sources necessary to combine different sources of vegetable protein.

Mineral salts body needs , for example, building bones and teeth. Health will depend on them.
For the beauty of the teeth , in addition to cleaning , you also need proper nutrition and , with the right amount of essential mineral salts. Mineral salts necessary for the functioning of the nervous system, and the right balance of acid- base balance .

Excess carbohydrates in the diet increases susceptibility to allergic reactions.

It should also monitor the acid- alkaline balance. The diet should be one acidifying or schelocheobrazuyuschie products . Vegetables , milk and fruit – these are the foods that are schelocheobrazuyuschimi products. And meat, eggs, and fish – acid-forming .

As a poor diet will affect the beauty?

If you are not the right diet can be observed the following – hair-thin , sparse , and no natural light , increased secretion of sebum in the wings of the nose , dry skin , brittle nails, red lips and corners of the eyes. Typically, the symptoms indicate a lack of vitamins.

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