Skin care

lizo-300x206As is well known, especially facial skin reacts strongly to the loss of the body it needs vitamins. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables to achieve the desired level of vitamins in the body are unlikely to succeed because of their low content in the gifts of nature , but what is the use of any pharmaceutical vitamin complexes is questionable . But , after all , the body is not fooled , and the need for these vitamins somehow have to make.

Wonderful assistant in the recovery of your skin can be a good makeup for the face – the more vitamins it contains , the more likely that person will be healthy and glowing.

The widely known ” facial ” vitamins are A , E, and especially vitamin C.

The best choice for skin care at home in this sense is a professional cosmetics for the face, because professional series products generally contain about 5 % of the vitamins , and that is enough for a full supply of the skin. We can mention as an example of a professional series of face creams from well-known companies in Europe «Janssen Cosmeceutical Care», «Klapp», «Babor» ( Germany ), «Payot» ( France ), etc.
Joined the company Oriflame will help you in choosing the means to care for themselves.

Listed firms produce beauty products for the face , which are primarily aimed at addressing the problems of both external and internal factors of the deterioration of the skin. It is important to note that the professional makeup gives the best effect only when it is used regularly, and plays the role of ” supportive ” of the drug .

Usually , professional cosmetics for the face is created for a specific type of skin, so it is important to understand that the best makeup for the face – the one that is right for you.

Only four skin types : normal , combination , oily and dry. If you doubt its class , it is best to decide on them before purchasing any products for the face . How to do it – it is easy to find on the Internet. Then choose a makeup that suits you and the program of facial skin care.

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