Plastic surgery

nos-300x226Traditionally, plastic surgery refers to the section of surgery that aims to surgery , removal of any defects or deformation of tissues , organs, or the surface of the human body.
The most common plastic surgery: boteks injections , ear correction , chin or nose , face lift , forehead and neck , blepharoplasty , eyebrow plastic , increasing the size of the lips , liposuction in the waist and abdomen , breast augmentation, rejuvenation of hands, etc.

Plastic surgery dates back to ancient times. For example , Indians in 900 BC. e . already knew how to conduct surgery to correct the nose. In this case, they used skin from the forehead or cheeks. The ancient Chinese have done the surgery on the eyes and ears. The basis of the modern plastic surgery was the beginning of XIX century. Just at that time were invented most sophisticated tools and techniques to change the appearance. And the appearance and distribution of antiseptic and does allowed for complex operations transplant cartilage, skin, and other tissues. Over time it became available a new quality of anesthesia. It made the plastic more secure and widespread. Currently, millions of people around the world use the services of plastic surgeons. Some come in the center of plastic surgery, wanting to have lips like Angelina Jolie. Modern methods of medical intervention to make rapid and painless desired outcomes to transform the exterior of the people.

Plastic surgery themselves subdivided into two main types . This reconstructive and aesthetic .
Reconstructive plastic surgery eliminate distortion , various defects in tissues and organs, and restore their function methods of plastic . Aesthetic plastic is a complex way of plastic surgery. It aims to improve the appearance.

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